10 reasons Why Gothenburg is Sweden´s adventure city #1

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I moved to Gothenburg 12 years ago with no knowledge about the adventure potential this area offers. During this time I have travelled to many places around the world for adventure photography work, but lately realized a lot of the good stuff is just around my corner! So, here are 10 reasons why there is no need to leave Gothenburg for adventures.

Hiking in Sandsjöbacka

Sandsjöbacka is a nature reserve just South of Gothenburg. As I am a lover of views I was really surprised when I the first time got up to this location. Try it in sunset, it is really nice!

Canoeing in Lärjeån

Lärjeån meanders through the Lärje valley just East of Gothenburg. And it feels like the Amazons with big hanging trees, the never lasting sound from birds and the brown flowing river. 

Climbing in Utby

The rocks of Utby a 20 minute bike ride from the centre of Gothenburg. They are big, made out of gneiss and offer 100’s of climbing routes. This place is also nice for sunset views.

Skiing on Ramberget

Ok, this is a strecher. But sometimes we do get snow in Gothenburg and with a good base Ramberget, just Northwest of the centre, is a good place for skiing. It is steep and lots of cliffs to jump 🙂

Whitewater in Säveån

Säveån is a river going from the inland of Sweden all the way to Gothenburg. And from time to time there are plenty of water making it possible to paddle white water in the crispy and clear water.

Caving in Hällesåker

Caving in the Börsås cave in Hällesåker about 20km South east of Gothenburg. Very unexpected to find a cave here but it is a blast. Push yourself through this tight cave and you will get a good laugh!

Hiking in Änggårdsbergen

Hiking among the big beech trees in Änggårdsbergen. This nature reserve is pretty much located in Gothenburg and offers everything from hiking to biking to just relaxing in wind shelters.

Biking in Delsjön

Or why not head to the beech trees of Delsjön with the bike. The Delsjö area are amazing for biking and you have trails for a week.  Views, lakes, hikes and bikes. Everything is here. And it is only a 15 minute walk from the centre of Gothenburg.

Freediving in Öckerö

According to adventures Annelie Pompe we have an amazing world beneath the surface on the West coast. I joined her and was struck by this beautiful world. It was so clorful and exciting and Öckerö is not far from the centre of Gothenburg.

Kayaking in the archipelago

Gothenburg offer endless of possibilities when it comes to kayaking. Pack the kayak for a weekend adventure with tent, food and good food is the strongest recommendation here 🙂


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